About Us


The Glendora Welfare Association (GWA) was formed in 1958 to provide emergency assistance to Glendora residents in need and we continue to provide this same caring, personal and confidential help today.

GWA's initial support came from community organizations. We were fortunate during our history to have received a major portion of our financial support from the Community Development Block Grants through HUD. When these grants were no longer available the GWA became dependent on the generosity of local service groups, foundations, churches, private individuals and fundraisers which continues today.

Our Board

The Glendora Welfare Association is an organization of volunteers with extensive life experiences in understanding the needs of others in times of emergency need. Our Board Members and our Director of Services have experiences that range from public education, state parole, social (family services), the judicial system, mental health, local faith-based organizations, and various civic and service organizations.

We, as an emergency service organization, explore carefully with our clients just what their needs are, determine what resources will meet those needs, and inform the client of what help we can provide in each situation.

Mailing Address

PO BOX 1143
Glendora, CA 91740